What is Rhino Notching?

What exactly does “Rhino Notching” mean?

Rhino notches are one of the easiest methods for rangers to use to identify a certain rhino in the wild.

Small notches are made in a unique pattern along the edges of a rhino’s ears so that they can be identified from a distance. This way, rangers on vehicles, or flying overhead in helicopters, can quickly spot and determine one rhino from another.

With the species under extreme threat from poaching, notching helps rangers and conservationists monitor each animal more closely. By recording each rhinos habits and patterns, they are far more likely to pick up when something is amiss.
The piece of ear tissue collected during notching is used as a DNA sample for forensic purposes and is a legal requirement when immobilizing rhino in SA.

Get up close and personal with these highly endangered giants of the African bush on this once in a lifetime opportunity to assist in the conservation of rhinos at Dinokeng Game Reserve (all funds raised go directly towards the costs of saving animals in need and of course the survival of the rhino).

For any queries please contact Nicole 082 303 4935.


Rhino Notching Dinokeng Nature Reserve:

  • Arrival at Mongena Dinokeng (just outside Pretoria) at 05h30. Rooms available should you wish to sleep over the night before.
  • Tea, Coffee and snacks will be served
  • 06h00 Briefing on the morning’s procedures, safety etc will be explained.
  • Rhino Notching – 2 x White Rhinos
    (Please bare in mind that we are dealing with wildlife and there is a host of logistics involved so we are hoping to find 2 on the day but they do need to be done).
  • Photos with the Rhinos are permitted and obviously touching the Rhino but that will all be monitored and explained.
  • Return to the venue for brunch.

It is important to do the Rhinos as early as possible as they do not cope well with the medication and heat.
Each guest will receive a Flying For Freedom SA Buff, Rhino Teddy and backpack.

I promise that this is a life changing morning and a special event which will never be forgotten.

The cost will be R3900 per person. R7000 per couple.
The funds will be going to Flying For Freedom SA.

Please let me know if you are interested because space is limited.

Please contact Nicole 082 303 4935 for any queries or email her on nicole@fffsa.co.za

I look forward to hearing from you

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