Flying for Freedom South Africa is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2013. Flying for Freedom SA is all about animals and the conservation of the animals.

The founder and pilot Tokkie Botes have sponsored over 1000 hours of flying his helicopter to aid the police in poaching crime scene investigations, flying veterinarians to emergency surgeries and assisting with critical calls from farm owners.

Flying for Freedom SA helps snared animals, brutally butchered animals and to a lonely calf who needs some loving care. The use of the helicopter is to speed up the process of getting to the crime scene of the carcass and to get all the forensic information to open a case. With the use of a helicopter it saves a lot of time to fly directly to the carcass than it would have been to drive there with an authorized vehicle.

One of our first missions was being part of the locating and air lifting Brandy the Leopard. Brandy was brutally caught in a snare in 2014 on the Magaliesberg. FFFSA flew the vets to the scene and then had to air lift her to a hospital. There she was examine and the discovery was made that she was very late pregnant with 3 cubs. She was then treated and let back in a safe environment to raise the cubs in the wilderness.