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Our majestic wildlife are poached, slaughtered and butchered every day. For what? For a horn, for status. With no curative value. A false myth spread by the ill informed.

Some speculate that the rhino will be extinct in 10 years but the sad truth is it may be much sooner than that.

When it comes to continuation of a species a lot of help is needed and we at Flying For Freedom SA do exactly that. We fly for freedom. The Freedom of these beautiful creatures.

Our mission is to provide rangers and veterinarians with necessary air support. Transporting them to poaching sites and snared animals. Our pilot, Tokkie Botes has donated hundreds of hours flying his helicopter for this cause. To improve the lives of all wildlife.

They are part of our heritage, they need our help, and they have no voice. And very soon will be extinct! The lucky few will survive only in conservation camps if we don’t act now. TIME is of the essence to save these Endangered Species.

Let’s step in and do this together.
Let’s save our heritage!

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